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Posted by Kilobyte Knight

2001-09-02 19:57:22 #22

That could be difficult to answer. Troy has been traveling at near light velocities, thereby confusing the math considerably.

Posted by Anonymous

2001-08-02 01:39:06 #21

i just wanted to know how old you were. i have been looking for a friend of mine named troy davis.

Posted by Mephisto

2001-06-26 20:03:30 #20

Oh lord....someone had to keep evidence of all that mess....

Posted by Xenomorph

2001-06-15 14:38:24 #19

Hey Doogie, you forgot Mozart (I don't think she has internet access though)

And who is this xeno guy?

Posted by Doogie

2001-06-10 00:24:54 #18

\c1I don't think so. :(

\cfMr. Distant

Posted by Kilobyte Knight

2001-06-08 15:48:40 #17

Hey! Do MCI commands work here?

Posted by King of Hearts

2001-04-21 16:04:35 #16

Greetings Mr.Pickle, this infernal machine has eaten your email addy. so drop me a line that I may update my addy book.

Posted by L. Kate Crawford

2001-03-21 01:03:50 #13

Troy --
Received your letter to the editor about the big bucks clock tower versus closed-circuit TV. Amusing and insightful.

I guess I've been holed up in this office too long (it's almost 1 a.m. and we haven't put the paper to bed yet), but for some reason I found it utterly satisfying to read a letter that made me laugh.

And you like Slashdot. That automatically gets you brownie points in my book (although my boyfriend and I prefer ArsTechnica. ...)

Drop me a line -- or

L. Kate, editor in chief
The Daily Helmsman, Memphis

Posted by Chris Meador

2001-03-17 14:25:59 #12

Read my favorite comment in that slashdot story you submitted:
"This kind of thinking from Troy must go."


Posted by JustSomeGuy

2001-03-14 17:08:46 #11

Hi Troy,

Funny how I got here: First I clicked on a misleading link in a (spam) message, then read cute letters to these porno folks, then read the whole St. Jude mess - including all of your emails.

I agree with you and have ALWAYS believed that the only donors who matter are the BIG donors.