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Posted by Beige

2003-09-07 03:00:16 #102

Hello. I got on here to tell you about my arcane IRC Oper powers. I can wave my wand and cause miscreants to disconnect, and then I get to ride into the sunset with one of the many oper groupies.

Posted by Amber Weir

2003-09-05 08:47:27 #101

Hey! it's me amber weir. bye

Posted by Norvin Coblentz

2003-08-28 11:34:51 #100

How do y'all. I am just sittin here in seminar, supposed to be doing class work but I don't feel like it right now. Troy, just an question regarding the Steve Taylor cornerstone '87 and Cornerstone '94 stuff, I know you have the audio, but do you want the video of it? Lemme know.

Posted by chuck

2003-08-25 14:19:50 #99

do you remember the name of the animated chess game we used to play at school?

Posted by Geekette

2003-05-29 18:10:04 #98

Geeks are so sexy! <non sarc>

Posted by Elias Coblentz

2003-04-15 16:46:45 #97

Hey all, again. I was thinking the other day about Chagall Guevara's music video(s). I know for a fact that there is a "Violent Blue" music video, but I am not sure if there are any others. Does anybody know if there are? Also, does anybody know if they ever were actually played on MTV? Any information you have would be much appreciated.
Thanks! peoples! :)

-Elias Coblentz

Posted by Elias Coblentz

2003-04-08 16:10:22 #96

Hey all. I was looking on a couple of different websites the other day ( and and I noticed on those sites the track list for Steve Taylor's "Now the truth can be told" boxed set contained the tracks listed in a different order than they appear on my copy of the boxed set. On top of that, it listed two songs that I know are un-released, or at least to my knowledge are, Chagall Guevara songs. Those songs are "Halcyon Days" and "A Bullet's worth a thousand words." Does anybody have a "NTTCBT" boxed set with these songs on it!? If there are no boxed sets with those tracks on them, does anybody know why they list the tracks the way the do on those websites!? Answers people, I need Answers! :)
Thanks for any info you can provide.

Posted by Troy Davis (of

2003-03-29 00:37:09 #95

This is like some crazy Star Trek alternate universe. :O

Posted by Troy Davis (Yes it's true)

2003-03-29 00:33:21 #94

What's up =]

Not only do I share your name, I also share your enjoyment of the Commodore 64 game Alter Ego. Whaddya know.


Posted by Seventh gen

2003-03-13 12:46:34 #93

Hey, Troy: I was actually trying to track down an old friend who shares your name & found your site. Synchronicity abounds as I'm a HUGE otr fan & wished I could go to that show. I appreciated the LD.
I'm hammering out the last bits of a masters degree in Knox, TN at the moment. Write, if willing. --7