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Posted by Stormwind

2001-02-22 10:45:14 #10

AHHH Denim Lists.. and here I thought I'd escaped my past.. damn you Doogie.. damn you!!!

Posted by narcease

2001-01-10 22:27:54 #9

<insert witty statement here>

Posted by Jen

2000-12-14 00:10:20 #8

Just popping in to say I visited your site and I like!! I like!! I hadn't ever gotten to see it, so this is my first time... but it was worth a wait. I especially love the Badtz-Maru page... *giggles* See ya soon at party central! =^.^=

Posted by Troy Davis

2000-10-15 03:45:43 #7

Uh, hi! :| Another iteration of the message board/experiment in PHP. It isn't really hard to efficiently use a text file for this stuff after all. Retained a few messages from the old message board. Oh boy.


Posted by Jasmine

2000-10-14 11:07:13 #6

i must say that your page brought about some laughs...boy did i need it. heh see u in class jas

Posted by NotSlapnuts

2000-06-26 18:16:12 #5

You smell!

Posted by Bad Ass Master Puu

2000-04-12 15:33:36 #4

Dis be an old bearded lizard...right'cheer! I didn't feel like configuring a mail prog or visiting hotmail or anything....
I got a new toy though...Handspring kicks Palm ass.... Type ya later...

Posted by Chris Meador

2000-02-16 18:08:15 #3



Posted by Jason

2000-02-08 15:07:31 #2

Hi. Glad you chose to link your old page to the new one. Unfortunately, it lets the riff-raff (like myself) in.



Posted by Hal23x

2000-01-18 22:23:20 #1

Hmmm...I have know idea why, but I just got reminscent about the old AR days and thought I would drop a line. I suck...yeah, I'm not afraid to admit it.