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Posted by Anonymous

2004-12-15 17:05:33 #113

Watch out!!! he's a known stalker. I gave him the quote to find so I know best

Posted by melvan

2004-06-19 21:31:55 #111

Hi Troy,

Wanted to draw your attention to yet another Steve Taylor related site. has a forum for Steve (and other music) fans. We're trying to get some life back into it, so anyone who's curious, please visit. :)

Posted by Elias Coblentz

2004-02-11 14:23:18 #110

I was just looking at the new sockheaven discography and I saw the list of promotional/singles release's. One single I did not see listed is the "Svengali" single. Steve mentioned that Svengali was the first "1990" single in the Now the Truth can be told booklet. Just thought I'd let you know.

Posted by Erik Jorgensen

2004-02-06 13:10:27 #109

Dear Troy,
My name is Erik Jorgensen and I'm a good friend of Elias Coblentz. He introduced Steve Taylor and Chagall Guevara to me a couple years ago and now I'm a big fan of both. He also recently told me that there's a new sock heaven website, but it's for members only and I want to be a member! I want to be a part of this new website, so if you could e-mail me at the address above, I would love that.
Erik Jorgensen

Posted by Spitfire

2003-11-21 09:25:38 #108

Wanted to let ya know how much I like seeing that CNet login window again. So much that I have opened up a CNet BBS to the north of you. I am located in Clarksville TN and wanted to welcome you and any of your members to my telnet CNet Pro BBS. Join us at telnet:// or our website at

Posted by Norvin Coblentz

2003-11-20 21:09:45 #107

Troy, here is a lil surprise that's been in th works for a while.
Having inducted it's first 15 official members this afternoon in a private ceremony in my parents' "lovely" basement, the long-anticipated Troy Davis Fan Club has begun it's official reign of power! The fan club members all have taken the purity test, visited the sockheaven website and this site right here and are fans of your work (not to mention an obscure american rock band named Chagall Guevara). I figured I would post this "exciting" news on here in case someone actually reads this and wants to join! (Fan club site in the making- seriously it is. And that photo of you and Shari and I at C-stone would be a good one for the main page ;-) ) So for the rest of you who are reading this and don't have anything better to do, join the Troy Davis Fan Club by sending an e-mail to: and have the word "join" in the subject line.

Posted by Senor Scott

2003-11-18 22:41:52 #106

Oh, I like your page.

Posted by Senor Scott

2003-11-18 22:40:30 #105

Suppers, Doogie

Posted by Sirotocus

2003-10-06 21:17:27 #104

Howdy, I haven't gone through all of posts yet but I have looked around what groups there were for past 2 years or so and haven't recognized anyone so I figured I'd post something. I was Josh on TFF (not little bit's josh (harpoon I think). I think I started using sirotocus back then too. Some people might remember me and cry whooping your ass in trade wars :) I kind of remember logan, I'm pretty sure I worked with him for 3 weeks or so in a hell hole in 2000:).
Green Eyes, Hazel Gaze, Billy (I can't remember your handles, you know who you are:), Chloe & Star. If yall see this send me some mail:) And anyone else who wants to, those are just the people who immediately came to mind.

Posted by Troy Davis

2003-09-07 03:05:04 #103

You're haunting me. :-(