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Posted by Sirotocus

2003-10-06 21:17:27 #104

Howdy, I haven't gone through all of posts yet but I have looked around what groups there were for past 2 years or so and haven't recognized anyone so I figured I'd post something. I was Josh on TFF (not little bit's josh (harpoon I think). I think I started using sirotocus back then too. Some people might remember me and cry whooping your ass in trade wars :) I kind of remember logan, I'm pretty sure I worked with him for 3 weeks or so in a hell hole in 2000:).
Green Eyes, Hazel Gaze, Billy (I can't remember your handles, you know who you are:), Chloe & Star. If yall see this send me some mail:) And anyone else who wants to, those are just the people who immediately came to mind.