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Posted by Anonymous

2006-05-12 09:26:37 #145

Need to correct the lyrics on "Its a Personal Thing" I think. Manking or Mankind? Great site.

Posted by Jonathan

2006-04-25 15:00:41 #144

Do you happen to have the lyrics to the 7 songs on PASSAFIST's CD from 1994????

Posted by Anonymous

2006-04-25 08:56:35 #143

why do you have a wierd pic of you at a concert??????
how do i really know that it's really you???
so tell me!!!!!

Posted by yo momma

2005-09-13 17:33:51 #122

what a geek...get a life troy

Posted by a monkey

2005-09-13 17:31:55 #121

yo troy
this is your concience again. your website sucks. go get a life you worthless blogger.

Posted by a tall green immortal

2005-09-13 17:29:55 #120

i have no idea in hell who this is, butt you sound like a dumass with no life. so, before you die, i would like to say that you, troy, are a jerk. a no good lousy jerk.

Posted by ash

2005-07-04 20:15:55 #117

wat happens when u just first start to cut yourself? then u stop. and now that u stopped for a little while u stomache feels all wierd inside?? until u start up again at it??

Posted by Deborah

2005-06-20 17:58:23 #116

A few questions to add to your next revision:

1. Have you ever used a scalpel, razorblade, exacto knife or other cutting device to draw blood from another person during sex?
2. Have you ever dripped blood into a liquid for the purpose of drinking the blood?
3. Have you ever cut yourself for the sake of drawing blood?
4. Have you ever masturbated on webcam?
5. Have you ever had sex on webcam?
6. Have you ever used a sexual device linked through the internet, or controlled by remote control?
7. Have you ever used a pump device to enlarge your penis, nipples, or clit?
8. Have you ever used a sex swing?

Posted by Anonymous

2005-05-28 15:53:41 #115


Posted by Robert

2005-01-12 03:33:33 #114

hey Troy,

i love your site! i made a fan group paget at for ST fans... linked your site... any chance you can help me spread the word?

here's the link:

- Robert