From: Lyndon Soerensen
To: Steph Parker
Date: Aug 29 1998 8:47:00 pm
Subject: Salt
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-=> Quoting Steph Parker to Dave Hamilton <=-

SP> I have heard that mosquitoes don't like people with 'O' type blood
SP> maybe fleas  are similar.

You heard wrong.  If I don't wear an insect repellant when I go outside
and I
know I'm going into a heavily-infested area, I also know that I'm a large
ambulatory banquet to them.

SP> Though one reason that a lot of people think that they don't get
SP> bitten is  because they don't get the reaction to the bites that most
SP> people do and this  can be due to not being allergic to the bite
SP> (actually the anaesthetic  injected).

I don't get the redness and swelling to bites because I don't scratch them.
After a few days, they don't bother me much.

SP> I don't think that mosquitoes eat anything other than blood but, as
SP> far as I  know, they aren't restricted to human blood because I have
SP> seen them happily  feeding off my parents dogs, they're just much
SP> harder to find amongst the fur.

Female mosquitos must have blood to lay their eggs.  Male mosquitos, on
other hand, do not have the piercing mouth parts necessary for obtaining
meals.  They exist on plant juices.

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