From: Joseph Voigt
To: J. Shaughnessy
Date: Feb 15 1998 1:03:00 pm
Subject: The Book of Haggai....
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Hello shag,

Sunday February 15 1998 02:48, J. Shaughnessy said to Joseph Voigt:

JV>> Where is the jesus prophecy at in the Book of Haggai?  You claimed
JV>> there is one in that book, you know.  Why won't you tell me where it
JV>> is?

JS> OK...Haggai Chapter 2:.... First we start at Vs. 1 In the seventh
JS> month, on the twenty first day of the month, came the word of the
JS> Lord by the prophet Haggai saying,

JS> This declares that Haggai is prophecing...

No, it declares that the Haggai, the haghead, thinks he is hearing a voice
in his head (much like you see demons in yours).

JS> Vs. 7  And I will shake all the nations, and the desire of all
JS> nations Shall come: and I will fill this house with glory saith the
JS> Lord of Hosts.

JS> Well there you are....Simple enough.  This is the prophecy declaring
JS> the coming messiah, for Jesus is the desire of all nations!!!

BWAHAHAHA.  I see you have again been caught in a LIE, shag.  You are a
fucked fundy lunatic who will pretend ANYTHING contains a jesus prophecy.
Sorry, numbnut, but there is no mention of the jesus or the jesus prophecy
in the fucked verse 7.  Desire = Jesus??  Godfuckedamn, are you ever a fucking
idiot.  My desire is a pizza right now.  Is the jesus a pizza?  You are
a fucking cretin who has been caught in a LIE yet again.  Now, please tell
me where it is in the Book of Haggai that the jesus prophecy is at.  I know
you will LIE again, fundy nut.  If the haggai meant to say the jesus he
would have, fucked fundy.  Haggai said something about a desire.  What a
cretin you are, fundy.

... Shag thinks a desire is a jesus.
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