From: Joseph Voigt
To: J. Shaughnessy
Date: Feb 13 1998 1:42:00 pm
Subject: Predation among Christain death cultists
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Hello shag,

Thursday February 12 1998 05:47, J. Shaughnessy said to Fredric Rice:

JS> I choose God!

Which god?  Thor, Daisy, Jupiter, Star Goat, Satan, Holey Spit, Purple Penguin,
Drooping Dromedary, Billy Goat, Wodin, God Dan?  Please be specific.

JS>  What is it you choose?


Please tell me where it is in the Book of Haggai that the jesus prophecy
is at.  Why won't you do that?

... Eyer thinks his tennis shoes are atheists.
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