From: Judith Bandsma
To: William Putnam
Date: Feb 10 1998 6:17:00 am
Subject: CASE #5
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-=>William Putnam said WHAT to Judith Bandsma <=-

WP> Judith, she laid in a damp grave for at least 30
WP> years (if memory serves me) before she was placed

It doesn't.

JB>As to this one. Stigmata is so common. There's a black girl in Georgia,
JB>member of an AME church, that has exhibited it since she was 7. TODAY,
JB>Willy, not a hundred years ago.

WP> Medically examined?  Scientifically investigated?
WP> I am sure if there is any credence is the story,
WP> it would make the news in religious circles big
WP> time! Does this same little girl live only on

Medically examined, scientifically investigated. A 60 Minutes report on
her with camera shots of her in church with blood flowing from her hands
and side. And an interview with her psychiatrist. Also a short blurb on
the number of stigmata cases just in this country. (I think at present,
it's something like 20)

But she's black, non-catholic and not claiming anything more than that
it's a pain in the expensive for all the clothes that have
gotten ruined since she was 7. She's now an adult, married and with kids
of her own. The episodes have lessened in severity and frequence but still

WP> and read about it!  And BTW, if "stagmata" is
WP> so common, how come we don't hear about them all
WP> of the time?  Only St Francis of Assisi, Padre

It's STIGmata and you don't hear about it simply because it IS so common.

WP> thing a scientific commission, established by
WP> the Church, looks into?

Not the cases you cite that happened before the church's acceptance of
psychiatry and psychology as legitimate sciences and not heresies. Come
to think of it, have they EVER accepted the mental disciplines?

WP> Incidently, the Church attempts to get as many
WP> non-Catholic scientific investigators on the
WP> commission as they can.  I recall a case of

Which usually turns out to be John Brawley's favorite number.

WP> Some believe it is miraculous, but I remain
WP> skeptical.

You remain a deluded asshole.

... Evidence that evolution CAN go in reverse.

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