From: Joseph Voigt
To: William Putnam
Date: Feb 8 1998 2:52:00 pm
Subject: Case #5
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Hello William,

Saturday February 07 1998 13:43, William Putnam said to All:

WP>                       THERESE NEUMANN

[RCC nut rant shat upon and flushed due to not being evidence at all]

WP> The phenomenon (called stigmaticism)

Stigmata is a relatively common natural phenomena.  There is nothing mysterious
or 'miraculous' about it.  It is simply a psychological phenomena brought
on by hysteria.

WP> Her story, not adequately told here, is for me, proof that God has
WP> left mighty "footprints" for all of to see and to believe.

Bullshit.  Are you sure the footprints you are seeing aren't really the
caked little balls of shit stuck in the butt crack of the god in your head?

WP>                  THERESE NEUMANN
WP>                Mystic and Stigmatist
WP>                Adalbert Albert Vogl
WP>                TAN Books and Publishers

Ah, the infamous TAN 'miracles' yet again.

When are you going to start producing some evidence for your god, willie?

... Eyer thinks babies cannot feel pain.
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