From: Joseph Voigt
To: Brian Huxley
Date: Jan 10 1998 12:01:00 pm
Subject: doubting gods. Non biblical evidence?
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Hello Brian...

Tuesday January 06 1998 19:19, Brian Huxley said to Martin Goldberg:

MG>> Say still forgot to offer any nonbiblical evidence
MG>> that this god of yours exists

BH> Okay. I can see the situation that is being faced here, and as a
BH> Christian myself I can offer you some tangible evidence that supports
BH> existance of God.

I doubt it.

BH> The first piece of evidence for God is something we all see every day
BH> when we send an email, write a cheque - it is the date.  Our entire
BH> history is divided between BC & AD, that is before Christ lived, & after
BH> his birth. If the Bible was fake & God just a fairy story, would such
BH> long lasting global influence have been exherted on our calender? What
BH> your opinion?

A calendar is not evidence of the existence of any god and certainly the
Julian and Gregorian calendars are not.  They are not even accurate as to
the date of the birth of the jesus.  They are off by 4 to 7 years.  The
Islamic calendar is more accurate by placing its starting point at its god-hero's
journey from Mecca to Medina in 622 AD.  There have been countless calendars
in use, each with a different starting point -- the Mayan, the Chinese,
the Roman, etc, etc.  No calendar is evidence of any god.  A calendar is
just evidence of an arbitrary starting point at which to begin counting.
Your argument is debunked as being silly.

BH> The second piece of evidence is that which is provided by
BH> archaeologists.

Your below chopped.  Biblical sites are not evidence of the existence any
god. Debunked.  

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