From: Lyndon Soerensen
To: J. Shaughnessy
Date: Jan 7 1998 10:55:00 am
Subject: doubting gods
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-=> Quoting J. Shaughnessy to Lyndon Soerensen <=-

JS> Again I will say I agree with you that there are way to many religions
JS> that confuse the world more than teach truth...but that is one of the
JS> unfortunate facts of living in a world full of people who miss God.

This also means that yours could be one of them.

JS> Far from true...I could be in the absolute correct faith, church or
JS> group of believers and still make wrong choices... say wrong things
JS> hurt others...

But your BASIC BELIEF could be wrong.  No?

JS> Would I make that truth less truth?   In a way yes, and a way no...
JS> am sure that God alone is Good!  I make him no less God, but I am still
JS> human.

If he is Good, then why does he allow evil to exist?

JS> I actually feel sorry for most people who learn of these other
JS> religions... especially those who are seeking for truth but find sick
JS> leaders who lead them into error.

So your religion IS the only correct one.  You admit it!

JS> I believe Jesus is the way truth and life... I had for many year
JS> sought for the truth in Buddism,  Jehovah's witnesses,  palm reading,
JS> and tarot cards... None of them gave me spiritual life.

Ah.  And thus everyone else is damned to hell.

JS> I am incapable of converting anyone...  I simply say I am a
JS> christian...If  others
JS> come to me and ask why...I can tell them my story of what I went
JS> through and  how
JS> Jesus set me free...others come to mock and degrade God, but I see an
JS> intense desire to know God that has been foiled by much error.

'Witnessing' is an attempt at conversion.

LS> Is that GOD or "Gods"?
JS> What ever one needs to believe... I believe he is One God.

Ah.  I see.  Just one.  Thank you.

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