From: Joseph Voigt
To: J. Shaughnessy
Date: Jan 6 1998 4:10:00 pm
Subject: doubting gods
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Hello J....

Tuesday January 06 1998 01:57, J. Shaughnessy said to Joseph Voigt:

JS>> The only demons that are around me have long ago knelt down before
JS>> King of Kings.

JV>> Did the King of Kings enjoy his multiple blowjobs from a multitude
JV>> demons?

JS> Are all in your family this perverted or do you have it all?

Look at your claim above, dipshit.  YOU are making the claim that 'demons
are around you and they have long ago KNELT DOWN BEFORE THE KING OF KINGS'
Who's perverted?  That's what I thought.

JV>> But the real question is why are these demons still around
JV>> you?  Are you secretly waiting for multiple blowjobs from them too?

JS> The question is for you to answer!

I asked it of YOU, idiot.  It's not for me to answer.  Either answer the
damned question or don't, but don't tell me it's for ME to answer when YOU
made the claim that all these demons are around YOU.

JS> I just love it when a person gives a clue to there real mental state
JS> through lines like that above!   (apocalyps now)

Gain a clue as to why you are in a straightjacket.

JS> What makes you think that a demon has not already risen up and twisted
JS> your perverted\ brains so far of course you can't see any light at all?

Another loaded question from a peon, so I'll ignore the second part of your
question that you take as a given.  Provide corroborative evidence that
deomons exist outside of your demented diseased skull.

JS> Well believe it or not demons are there, they are in the world, and
JS> pertty much have rule over your life unless you become aware of them
JS> learn how to get them out.

Provide corroborative evidence to support your ludicrous claim.  Since you
will not do that there can be no reason I should believe that demons exist
outside of your deranged skull.

JS> You can believe all you want that there is not air but that does not
JS> impact the reality one bit. The air is there just as demons are there.

The presence of air is a quantifiable fact and is not subject to belief
or disbelief.  There is no evidence at all of the existence of demons outside
of your encephalitic skull, you nut.

JV>> They are dismissed as imagined and are not real and cannot take
JV>> advantage of anything whether one is informed or not.  Delusions of
JV>> demons are an individual phenomena of your raving lunacy.

JS> You need to become a study of the lunatics in this world.

Yet another incoherent sentence from a deranged lunatic.

JS> There are hundreds of case studes that declare most have heard voices
JS> in there head, they claimed were telling them to do something.

Most?  You are a real trip.  Do you really, really think that over three
billion people on the planet hear voices in their heads??  You're a nut.

JS> Sorry at one time I was much like you,

You were never like me, you pathetic scum.

JS> I did not believe in anything but my self...

It looks like you still do which would explain why you are locked up.

JS> And even in my alcoholic stoopers I refused to believe in things that
JS> could be making me make bad choices and driving me insane...

I see you have admitted to being insane.  I somehow knew that admission
would be forthcoming since you just recently admitted to being a moron.

JS> When I asked Jesus Christ to be Lord of my life I learned the truth.

The insane generally do believe their delusions are the truth.  

... Santa's elves are just a bunch of subordinate Clauses.
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