From: Joseph Voigt
To: J. Shaughnessy
Date: Jan 4 1998 10:08:00 am
Subject: doubting gods
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Hello Jackoff....

Friday December 26 1997 04:04, J. Shaughnessy said to Fredric Rice:

JS> The only demons that are around me have long ago knelt down before the
JS> King of Kings.

Did the King of Kings enjoy his multiple blowjobs from a multitude of demons?
But the real question is why are these demons still around you?  Are you
secretly waiting for multiple blowjobs from them too?

JS> And let me clue you in on something fred, and consider it the one
JS> issue I will sincerely giving warning about...

I'm sure Fredric is just shuddering in terror from your clue and your warning.

JS> for every mans sake.

Ooooh.  Even mine?  The horror, the horror.

JS> It is demons that drive men to do what they do wheather in the name
JS> of God or what ever...

Then why won't a demon rise up out of fundy hell and infest my very soul
when I plead at the fundy demon?  Is it because I don't BELIEVE in demons,
dipshit? It seems BELIEF is a requirement for lunatics to be infested with
demons or gods.  It seems your BELIEF is what keeps all those demons all
around you as you stated above.  Are they all kneeling down in front of
you just waiting for you to beg of them a blow?  Why don't you think about
why it is that those of us who do not believe in demons cannot be infested
by them.

JS> You might like to dismiss them as imagined or what ever but they will
JS> take advantage if the misinformed.

They are dismissed as imagined and are not real and cannot take advantage
of anything whether one is informed or not.  Delusions of demons are an
individual phenomena of your raving lunacy.

JS> You believe in demons even if you have created them to exist only in
JS> mind...

You're an idiot.  Fredric cannot create demons any more than I can.  You
created your own demons in your deluded diseased skull.  

... Notice: All incoming fire has the right of way.
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