From: Joseph Voigt
To: J. Shaughnessy
Date: Dec 20 1997 12:53:00 pm
Subject: doubting gods
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Hello J....

Friday December 19 1997 23:47, J. Shaughnessy said to

JS> Interesting part is the way I say what I like but others take what I
JS> and make stories out of it....that is what I mean by dealing with man
JS> boy.

Then say what you mean, dipshit.

JS> It is clear that man is seeking for some kind of truth!!!  That is the
JS> key issue some find truth in the various forms that are tangible...since
JS> most are so used to the experience of life thru the 5 sences, they seek
JS> for truth thru them... If you can not touch taste see feel or hear
JS> must not exist, those that demand only scientific answers fall
JS> into this catagory.

JS>  Next would be those that have tapped into a deeper reality of the
JS> existance of life by seeking out that part of life we call
JS> intuition....hunches, but still limit the full truth by not having a
JS> understanding of that which they are dealing with.   Those that go deeper
JS> often go off on strange rabbit trails of the palm readers tarot cards
JS> the 'TV' psychic.

JS>     Or for that matter various religious form.....there are hundreds
JS> false
JS>     religions...where the leaders take the essence of spiritual truth
JS>     contort it to there own needs or understandings.  Often times taking
JS> it to    the extreme and drawing many away (others that seek spiritual
JS> truth), into    cults or congregations that cause a major error.  Such
JS> the religion that    has there congregation drink poison or handle
JS> snakes... Others that believe    this or that about the bible but reject
JS> or change others...

JS> While this in it self is a form of spiritual reality it is the mind
JS> man that limits or denies the bigger truth of the spiritual realm.

JS> Then there are those...that have learned to listen to the spirit of
JS> life...The spirit of God.

JS> Believing in 'gods' is a higher step than the scientifics but is, with
JS> out a right leader to teach truth, prone to either learn of the various
JS> gods of this world, or thru frustration reject all.

JS> Jesus said the way of life is narrow and few will travel that road...This
JS> is the reason.

JS> I have been thru many years of seeking truth...I was into the palm
JS> readers and the spiritualist...I chanted in the temples and heard many
JS> men teaching what they thought to be truth....but only Jesus touched
JS> heart so much as to live for him alone....

Wow, this was one of the most demented rants I've seen here in a long time.
I'll have to save this for posterity as an example of what raving delusions
can do to a person.  This rant made it perfectly clear how your religion
has severely damaged you.  

... "I drank WHAT!?" - Socrates
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