From: Joseph Voigt
To: J. Shaughnessy
Date: Dec 17 1997 11:18:00 am
Subject: doubting gods
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Hello J....

Wednesday December 17 1997 02:41, J. Shaughnessy said to Joseph Voigt:

JS> Oh I see and tell when when you finally gave your heart to Jesus!

Here is yet another incoherent sentence.  Why the use of the word 'when'
twice?  Are you trying to state at which time something happened more profoundly,
or are you just a clueless dolt?  Jesus the fuck who are you referring to?
Jesus Aguilar?

JV>> Actually, fundies splooge more often than they spew.

JS> I see you are a maker of words

Not a maker of words, a user of words.

JS> as well of Splooging pretty panties tales!

One cannot splooge on a tale, dipshit.  One can splooge on pretty panties,
sure, but then state that correctly.

JV>> You try to witness to me, fuckchops, and I'll call on the demons in
JV>> your head to halt your respirations and have them also cease blood
JV>> flow to your diseased skull.

JS> Mere demonic threats can do nothing but state the truth of who you are!

These aren't threats.  I WILL call on your demons in your skull if you ever
try to witness to me, fucknut.

JS> Besides my angels are bigger than your demons anyway!

Since I don't believe in your xtian mythology, I have no demons.  In case
you have forgotten, or never knew in the first place, demons are an xtian
construct and are therefore indwelled in the recesses of your diseased skull.
I wasn't referring to MY demons (I have none), I was referring to YOUR demons,

JS> hehehe!

More deranged laughter from a demented nut in a straitjacket.

JS> Run out of intellectual statements are ready????

Yet another very, very, hard question for you, I see, judging by the number
of question marks.  And of course it is incoherent as well.  Are you asking
me something about statements that are ready?  Or, are you asking me something
about running out of statements?  Hint: You may only ask one question in
a sentence or it will be incoherent.  See what your religion has done to
you? You can still free yourself, but first you are required to take a class
in basic grammar.        
... I brake for dogs!  I swerve to hit cats!
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