From: Joseph Voigt
To: Alan Presley
Date: Oct 5 1997 6:41:00 am
Subject: cults
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Hello Alan...

Saturday October 04 1997 21:55, Alan Presley said to Joseph Voigt:

JV>> No, atheists are NOT a sect, you dimbulb!  Atheists do NOT have ritual
JV>> nor worship and are therefore NOT a sect of anything.  Go to hell,

AP> Who said a sect had anything to do with worship.  to be a cult, you
AP> have to fit every definition, just one.  I'll admit it.  By the dictionary
AP> definition, Christianity is a cult.  Atheism also fits the definition.
AP> That's why I think it needs to be revised to distinguish between a cult
AP> and a religion.

Atheism does NOT fit the definition of cult nor sect.  Atheists do NOT have
ritual nor worship nor obsessive devotion to anything.  They are not cultists.
A sect is: 1) a schismatic religious body. 2) a religious denomination.
3) a group of people forming a distinct unit within a larger group by virtue
of common beliefs or practices.  Atheists do not fit into ANY of those categories.
Atheists are not members of a sect.  Atheists are not a religious anything
and they are not a distinct unit within a larger group who share common
beliefs or practices.  Quit defining atheists as being in a cult or a sect.
They are neither.  But thank you for FINALLY realizes that YOUR xtianity
IS a cult. What does that tell you?  And the definition does NOT need to
be revised.  Ask yourself, at what point would we say fundies who are just
very much deluded should be called a "religion" and fundies who are severely
deluded should be called a "cult".  The definition for BOTH is the same,
religious worship and ritual.  Now live with it.        
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