From: Alan Presley
To: Joseph Voigt
Date: Sep 20 1997 7:49:00 pm
Subject: cults
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JV> Hello Alan...
JV> Friday September 19 1997 16:33, Alan Presley said to Judith Bandsma:
JV>  AP> Wrong, the Roman Catholic Chrurch did not apear until the 4th or
JV>  AP> century. Christianity was around in the first.
JV> No, you are wrong you little shit.  Do you know what 'catholic' means?

JV> Universal.  The early christians were members of the only christian

JV> church there was, the universal church.  You might familiarize yourself

JV> with church history.  Clement I was pope in 90 AD, Pius I was pope in
JV> AD, Pontianus was elected pope on 21 July 230 AD.  The lineage of the

JV> popes is traced back to St Peter who was bishop of Rome from 48-69 AD
JV> Linus followed him as bishop of Rome from 69-78 AD, and Cletus followed

JV> him from 78-90 AD, and Clement I followed him, etc, etc.  Read 'The

JV> Popes' by Michael Walsh.  You are once again debunked.  Where you get
JV> or 5th century from is beyond me.  Surely you must have a specific date,

JV> else where do you get 4th or 5th century from? Christianity WAS the

JV> catholic church in the first centuries.  Now go study some church history.
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No, I'm not debunked.  where in the Bible does it say that Peter was the
and set up church gov't outside the individual churches?

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