From: Alan Presley
To: Judith Bandsma
Date: Sep 19 1997 4:33:22 pm
Subject: cults
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JB>  -=> Quoting Alan Presley to Judith Bandsma <=-
JB>  AP> I'm not surprised.  The Roman Catholic Chruch is not Christianity.

JB> It
JB>  AP> is peganism with the name "Christian" on it.  It can be blamed
JB> most
JB>  AP> of the problems of mideval times.
JB> You need to go read the history of your religion. The Catholic and
JB> Orthodox
JB> churches were first. Without them there is NO 'christianity'...period.
JB> What you, and others, try to do with statements like that is exactly
JB> the early (CATHOLIC) church did with the older religions they co-opted
JB> if they could (and violently destroyed if they couldn't)...deny the
JB> roots of your obsession.
JB> The first church...and for many CENTURIES the -only- church...was the
JB> Catholic church. No amount of IS NOT ing will change history.
JB> Others have asked you and you have never answered, DO you celebrate
JB> christmas in December and Easter in the spring? Because if you do, you
JB> celbrating pAgan festivals. If Jesus was born while sheep were in the
JB> fields and at lambing time, then it was spring. The mid-winter festival
JB> by the christian religion in order to destroy
JB> older and indigenous religions in areas of conquest. Conversion by the
JB> sword.
JB> Have you ever asked why easter is on a different date every year? Because
JB> easter is the celebration of the spring equinox, which is not a fixed

JB> date.
JB> Easter is another 'christian' celebration overlaid on older religions'
JB> holy days in an effort to eradicate that religion. That's history, not
JB> opinion.
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Wrong, the Roman Catholic Chrurch did not apear until the 4th or 5th century.
Christianity was around in the first.

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