From: Alan Presley
To: Joseph Voigt
Date: Sep 12 1997 4:34:10 pm
Subject: cults
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JV> Hello Alan...
JV> Thursday September 11 1997 18:22, Alan Presley said to Jason Harmon:
JV>  JH>> CULT n. 1. a system of religious worship or ritual
JV>  JH>> 2. devoted attachment to a person, principle, etc.
JV>  JH>> 3. a sect
JV>  JH>>
JV>  JH>> Therefore, Christianity (and any religion) is a cult.    Deal
JV> it.
JV>  AP> that definition is not very good.  It doesn't distiguish between
JV> cult
JV>  AP> and a religion.  A cult is unhealthy physically and mentally.

JV> Religion is
JV>  AP> not.
JV> Fuck you!  WHO the hell are you to decide a definition is 'not very

JV> good'? That -IS- the definition of a cult and christianity fits it to
JV> tee. Christianity -IS- a cult, and yes, Alan, you ARE right, cults are

JV> unhealthy... you are clear evidence of that... your christian death
JV> has destroyed you intellectually... there is nothing left...
Wrong, Christianity has enlightened me.  I fit weren't for Christianity
God... Who really cares???  If there was no hope in life, I would be living
up if there was no one above me to set down the rules.  You and I have someone
to answer to.  Whether you acknowledge it now or not, you will eventually...
but it will be to late.

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