From: Christina Fields
To: Alan Presley
Date: Sep 12 1997 10:35:29 am
Subject: Re: cults
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From out of the Darkness, Alan Presley spoke:
JH>  AP> I am not going to join a cult,
JH>   Too late.
JH>  AP> and Christianity is not a cult.
JH>  It's funny how people inside cults never call them that, isn't it?
JH>      From Webster's New World Dictionary, 1990:
JH>       CULT n. 1. a system of religious worship or ritual
JH>               2. devoted attachment to a person, principle, etc.
JH>               3. a sect
JH>  Therefore, Christianity (and any religion) is a cult.    Deal with
AP> that definition is not very good.  It doesn't distiguish between a
AP> cult and a religion.  A cult is unhealthy physically and mentally.
AP> Religion is not.

Let's look at religion.  My dictionary...New Webster's Expanded Dictionary,
1993 edition says:  Religion n. practical piety, devotion, any system of
faith and worshp.

Now, a cult is a system of religious worship or ritual, a sect.  Religion
is any system of faith and worship...therefore christianity is a religion
and as it fits the description of religion it then fits the description
cult.  Not all cults are unhealthy physically and mentally...not all
religions are ethical and unharmful.

And, according to dictionary definition cults and religions are pretty much
the same animal.  Now, do you own a dictionary that defines these two words
differently, or do you just have your own definitions for things?

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