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Date: Sep 19 1998 12:34:15 pm
Subject: Re: Evil God-Haters.
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From: Tyler Wunder <>
Subject: Re: Evil God-Haters.

On 17 Sep 1998, Dave Hamilton wrote:

>  LA> Pilate, or do you take the side of those who effectively
>  LA> forced Pilate to allow them to have Jesus put to death?
> I wasn't there, and cannot rely on the extant writings
> for the story. I don't even know if the man lived or not.

It would be interesting to do a comparitive study between the
historicity of Jesus and the historicity of Pilate; while I confess I have
not researched the latter much at all (as opposed to doing some research
into the former), I agree at the moment with the consensus view (which is,
of course, not correct _merely_ because it's the consensus view) that
Pilate was a real historical person; I forget if I've seen any evidence
for his existence (as it's not a contentious issue, ordinarily, I wouldn't
have made it a priority to recall any such information), but the New
Testament does not form the sole basis (or even a significant part, to my
admittedly vague recollection) for the things historians will say about

Are there any scholars who doubt the existence of Pilate in some
sort of book or essay?


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