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Date: Sep 1 1998 12:53:36 pm
Subject: Re: Pagan/Wiccan/Gaian Death Links
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From: Tyler Wunder <>
Subject: Re: Pagan/Wiccan/Gaian Death Links

On 28 Aug 1998, Sean McCullough wrote:

>  > resurrection from the dead, not resurrection from a particular mode
>  > death. The Resurrection would have exactly the same religious or
>  > theological significance no matter how Jesus' mortal life ended.
> And since it never happened -- the Bible is LYING here -- your "Resurrection"
> has no significance at all.

I cannot help but notice the appearance of an equivocation between
"lying" and being mistaken (e.g. endorsing propositions that are not
true) in a few of the statements being slung around this forum.  While
such an equivocation may be tempting for polemical reasons, I do not think
it is an accurate one.  Granting that there was no resurrection of Jesus,
for someone to say "Jesus rose from the dead" is not necessarily
dishonest on the speaker's part, even if you think the speaker ought to
know better; for unjustified beliefs are not necessarily dishonest.


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