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Date: Jul 19 1998 8:14:06 am
Subject: Re: PA Murders
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From: Tyler Wunder <>
Subject: Re: PA Murders

On 18 Jul 1998, Ken Young wrote:

> Homosexuality hurts society.  How?  Because sin hurts society.  Plus for
> another thing, it promotes the notion that we can go against what our
> were intended for.

By this reasoning (I'm assuming you're claiming that sexual
organs were intended for procreation), masturbating goes against what our
bodies are for; or does pleasure therefore become an allowable "function"
of the body, so including masturbation?  But if so, how is homosexuality
ruled out again?

> To make myself a little more clear, there is a practical purpose to
> heterosexual sex..  Is there any to homosexual sex?  Does mankind benefit

> from homosexual sex in any way whatsoever?

I have no idea how you'd measure such a thing.  Economically?

> And this isn't to say anything about the fact that homosexuality promotes
> AIDS, which is obviously harmful to society.  Think there isn't a connection
> between homosexuality and AIDS?  Well then, explain why such a big portion
> the homosexual community gets AIDS, compared to the heterosexual community.

Whatever the story of the origin of AIDS, apparently the
proportion of heterosexuals is staggeringly high and not so diminutive
next to homosexual rates as many think.  Unfortunately, I haven't
looked at
the studies myself, but it's something to look out for if you're

> destroys their self worth.  And this is hard to deny, since so many
> homosexuals commit suicide.

Here's another interesting statistical claim.  How do homosexuals
rate as a group with, say, teenagers, on the suicide issue?  Other groups?
Relative to the entire population is their rate of suicide exceptionally
high?  What other groups are higher than the population average for


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