To: Ed Mills <>
Date: Feb 8 1998 8:04:17 pm
Subject: Re: doubting gods
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From: (J.J. Hitt)
Subject: Re: doubting gods
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>>the Beartooth Pass (the second most beautiful -- and deadly -- drive in

>> And the place of Number One being held by what location?

>Perhaps the little stretch of un-medianed freeway that
>connects Lombard St. with the Golden Gate Bridge?  I
>recall hearing the monthly totals in highway-speed=20
>head-ons there are among the highest in the country.

Just after you come out of that short tunnel as you
go through a hill? I seem to remember something=20
like that.

But the qualifier is deadly AND BEAUTIFUL. I'm
not sure your site is a candidate.

J.J. Hitt (Houston, TX)

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