To: Ken Teel
Date: Feb 2 1998 1:35:32 pm
Subject: Re: doubting gods
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From: Ed Mills <>
Subject: Re: doubting gods

X-Ftn-To: Ken Teel

>Keep your eye on China my friend.  With their virtually untouched resources
>and well over a quarter of the world's population.  They will be a force
to be
>reckoned with in the next twenty years.

It seems like they already are.  Practically everything
I own is made in fucking China.

You can open up a TV set that says "Made in USA" on the back
and inside you'll find bits and pieces from Pakistan, Malaysia,
Mexico, Korea and so on.

Stated place of manufacture means nothing anymore.  Which is
OK by me.  I had a recent experience with a newer vehicular
product from Detroit, and I see they're still cranking out
pure shit.  We deserve what the Asian automotive industry did
to us.


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