To: Brian Huxley
Date: Jan 10 1998 7:48:01 pm
Subject: Re: doubting gods. Non biblical evidence?
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Subject: Re: doubting gods. Non biblical evidence?

X-Ftn-To: Brian Huxley

> The first piece of evidence for God is something we all see every
> day when we send an email, write a cheque - it is the date.  Our
> entire history is divided between BC & AD

And our days are named after non-xtian gods.  What's that "prove," moron?

> The second piece of evidence is that which is provided by
> archaeologists.

This is like stating that, since England exists as portrayed in Stoker's
_Dracula_, vampires really run around biting girls on the neck by night
and sleeping in coffins by day.

Try some actual _evidence_ next time, not just bullshit, okay?  Thanks in


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