To: J. Shaughnessy
Date: Dec 17 1997 4:26:23 pm
Subject: Re: doubting gods
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Subject: Re: doubting gods

X-Ftn-To: J. Shaughnessy

>>> I just live my life in the plan of God now!

>> I thought no one could know the plan of god?  Are you really so
>> arrogant to assume you _do_ know it, and thus can recognize that
>> you are "in" it?  Isn't arrogance a sin?

>> Tsk, tsk.  Out of the plan and into the fire...

> What or should I say who told you that you could not know the
> plan of God?

Oh, so you _do_ claim to know the plan of god?  Wonderful -- please
explain to us why the gods kill people with hurricanes, tornadoes,
disease, famine, and so forth?

> I might suggest that it is clear to me that when I became a
> christian I entered into his perfect will.

You might suggest such, but such a suggestion is hardly evidence that what
you suggest is fact.  Put bluntly, I see no reason to believe you.

> I am apart of his plan and whether I understand it
> or not is not the issue.

Unless you understand the plan, how can you know you are part of it?

> The fact that I am part of it is!

A "fact" which is not a fact, but merely an unsupported claim, isn't much
of a fact at all, now, is it?

This all you got?


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