To: J. Shaughnessy
Date: Dec 17 1997 4:22:22 pm
Subject: Re: doubting gods
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Subject: Re: doubting gods

X-Ftn-To: J. Shaughnessy

>>> Don't you get tired of all those others that reject God,
>>> just like you, but say it in such stupid ways?

>> Probably as tired as some Christians get of the way you say things.
>> But, this is Holysmoke, and everyone gets to voice their opinion on
>> religion, stupid or not.  Even you.

> Not so

Just so.  Say whatever you want -- the echo rules are few, and none state
that you cannot say what you like about religion.

> I find it interesting however that you might well be more intelligent
> that others that I have conversed with.

Is English perhaps a second language for you?

> I enjoy a good debate

So what's stopping you from engaging in one?  Do you need help getting
started?  Okay, here's a topic -- why should anyone believe in gods?


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