From: Jitender
To: Steve Asher
Date: Sep 2 1998 1:15:00 pm
Subject: Evil God-haters
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Bwahahahahahahahaha I am Murray, the all powerful demonic skull

SA> JM> So, now the Jews are evil God-haters.  Next you'll be advocating
> JM> that the holocaust was a hoax an that Hitler really didn't have
> JM> 6,000,000 jews killed.

SA>You are too late. Laurie was very nearly driven from the Christian
>echo a few years back for posting messages along those lines.

SA>I still have them. Here is a sample.

Well, well. I never would have believed it.

So Appy CAN talk about something other than 'evolution' <g>

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god loves me so much, he cursed me to eternal damnation in hell
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