From: Steve Hayes
To: Curtis Johnson
Date: Oct 1 1997 7:41:37 am
Subject: Festivals
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Steve Hayes is replying to Curtis Johnson, who wrote to Steve Hayes on 28
Sep 97  04:38:22:

CJ> My finger's well enough now for me to keyboard that
CJ> entry I promised you.  Look for it in this packet.  Sadly,
CJ> Conybeare says nothing about the Saturnalia angle, but the
CJ> Mithraic angle looks solid.

Thanks very much for posting it. Saved for future reference.

I had not come across the infant baptism angle before, and found it somewhat
contrived. Also the absence of any reference to the Arian controversy, which
occupied the minds of Christians in the second and third quarters of the
4th century, and which seems to me a far more likely reason for Christians
to begin celebrating the birth of Christ. The reference to Britain seemed
a bit odd. The English had not begun arriving in Britain in significant
numbers before the 5th century, and, as is well-known, Christians began
celebrating the birth of Christ (as a separate event from his baptism) some
time in the second quarter of the 4th century.

Keep well,

Steve Hayes

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