From: Steve Hayes
Date: Sep 27 1997 5:12:27 pm
Subject: cults
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Steve Hayes is replying to, who wrote to Steve Hayes on 25
Sep 97  17:47:35:

mk> From:
mk> Subject: Re: cults

> the customs do not necessarily explain the origin of the festivals

mk> Actually, it does _much_ to explain the origins of the festivals.  It
mk> clearly demonstrates the merging of older pagan festivals with newer
mk> xtians holidays.

Well, if you don't mind gross anachronisms in your explanations, go right

The American celebration of Christmas, for example, originated in an advertising
campaign by the Coca-Cola company.

mk> The dates, which coincide so closely with solstices and equinoxes,
mk> also show that Christianity has a long history of attempting to overlay
mk> pagan festivals with its own holidays.  That's one reason fundies hate
mk> Halloween so much -- All Saints Day has never managed to approach the
mk> popularity of Halloween.

mk> Even Christian scholars acknowledge both the connections and the
mk> motivations, Steve.

That may be so, but what I am particularly interested in is evidence in
primary sources for two specific assertions.

If you have any evidence for the Hallowe'en one, that might be interesting
too, but I'm not suggesting that you (or anyone else) go out of your way
to find it. It's just that if anyone *does* have any solid information,
I would like to know about it.

Keep well,

Steve Hayes

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