From: Steve Hayes
To: Curtis Johnson
Date: Sep 27 1997 4:52:31 pm
Subject: Festivals
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Steve Hayes is replying to Curtis Johnson, who wrote to Steve Hayes on 24
Sep 97  22:45:00:

CJ> If Easter was supposed to celebrate a historical event,
CJ> why is it not celebrated on the date of that event?

Because those who celebrate it regard it as a superhistorical event.

If you are interested, have a read on what the Venerable Bede had to say
about it, and he got pretty verbose about it, because it was a big deal
at his time and there were disputes about it.

I have not studied it in great detail myself, because my Latin is rusty.
I'm not suggesting that you study it in great deal either, unless you are
really interested in that question. But if you read what he had to say about
it, you do get a picture of why he thought the method of calculating the
date was important. And it's also worth thinking about the arguments he
*doesn't* use, or the ones that weigh less heavily with him.

Keep well,

Steve Hayes

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