From: Terry Smith
To: John Warner
Date: Sep 1 1998 7:04:16 pm
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John Warner wrote in a message to Terry Smith:

TS> No, John. It is a message published in a public echo. You hold the
TS> copyright, howver reproduction of any part for the purpose of fair
TS> comment is allowed. You have offered no consideration for the cost
TS> of storage or forwarding.

JW> Shut the FUCK UP!...

TS> Then I suggest you read Policy 4.

JW> What you mean. a User must not Pretend to be a Moderator!

JW> FUCK! you Mate!!! your not the moderator.
JW> Your just a Fuckwit with a Hard on!

JW> Your Node had been dissconected from my Nodelist
JW> so your Incoming mail will not be sent to me but to the Trash can!.

I'm skeptical that `disconnecting' a point from a `nodelist' would have
the effect you desire.


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