From: Steph Parker
To: Sue Alexander
Date: Aug 29 1998 6:45:15 am
Subject: Salt
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Hello Sue!

Wednesday August 26 1998 00:05, Sue Alexander wrote to Dave Hamilton:

DH>> About a message of Steph Parker to Dave Hamilton:

SP>> I have heard that mosquitoes don't like people with 'O' type
SP>> blood maybe fleas are similar.

DH>> I must confess to not knowing any of the blood types in my
DH>> family including my own.

SA>      Unless this is a very broad generalization, I can tell you
SA> that it is not true... mosquitoes seem to like me.  ;(

According to the guy on the radio the test was done on a group of peole
in a room and then they tested the blood in the mosquitoes with 'O' type
blood being a lower percentage of the blood in the mosquitoes relative to
the blood in the people.


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