From: Steph Parker
To: Don Martin
Date: Aug 29 1998 1:50:20 am
Subject: Salt
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Hello Don!

Sunday August 23 1998 09:12, Don Martin wrote to Steph Parker:

DH>>>> For some unknown reason fleas just don't bite me. They do
DH>>>> bite everyone else in the house, but they will jump on my
DH>>>> bare feet and just jump back off. Maybe I need to shower
DH>>>> more.

CJ>>> They love me.
CJ>>> Perhaps it could be diet-related (do you eat a lot of
CJ>>> onions or other spices, just as a guess?).

DH>> No, my diet is pretty bland, but it is identical to that of
DH>> the other members of my family.

SP>> I have heard that mosquitoes don't like people with 'O'
SP>> type blood maybe fleas are similar.

DM>         According to sheerly anecdotal claims, American
DM> Indians suffer less from mosquitos than do Caucasians, and
DM> they tend to have mostly type B, IIRC.

I may have got the blood type wrong, I heard it on the radio a couple of
weeks ago but I'm sure that they said 'O' type blood.

SP>> Though one reason that a lot of people think that they
SP>> don't get bitten is because they don't get the reaction
SP>> to the bites that most people do and this can be due to
SP>> not being allergic to the bite (actually the
SP>> anaesthetic injected).

DM>     Of course it may well be that Amerinds simply do not
DM> bitch about such stuff as much as the white guys.

Could be, white Europeans do tend to have more sensative skin than other

DH>> Any idea what mosquitos eat when there are no humans?
DH>> There don't seem to be that many warm-blooded animals
DH>> in the forest, and those that are here have fur.

SP>> I don't think that mosquitoes eat anything other than
SP>> blood but, as far as I know, they aren't restricted to
SP>> human blood because I have seen them happily feeding
SP>> off my parents dogs, they're just much harder to find
SP>> amongst the fur.

DM>     It is my understanding that mosquitos can subsist on
DM> plant juices, but the femals need that extra shot of protein
DM> from a blood meal in order to make eggs.

Someone else said this as well. I don't know, I'm no great expert on mozzies
but I have never seen them attacking plants.

DM> In the interior of Alaska, where the land is mostly level between
DM> bluffs, and there is a watertight seal of permafrost close to the
DM> surface, a lot of it looks like rich, green lawn from a
DM> distance. When you get closer, you see that the "lawn" is
DM> actually a sort of natural paddy, with the grass growing
DM> through half a foot or so of water. Moose bottom feed in
DM> this, surrounded by clouds of mosquitos who have been
DM> waiting on the grass stems for just such an opportunity. You
DM> see such clouds around people, too, who are dumb enough to
DM> wade in the stuff.

DM>     There are, apparently, numerous deaths of lone
DM> prospectors by mosquito recorded by the Bureau of Mines in
DM> Alaska. These people would be so badly stung about the eyes
DM> that they went blind from the swelling. Unable to find their
DM> way back to camp, they starved to death stumbling about. If
DM> they had a gun with them, they tended to blow their brains
DM> out.


The only deaths caused by mozzies that I had heard of were from diseases
that they pass on.


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