From: Steve Asher
Date: Sep 1 1998 5:01:38 am
Subject: Fredric Rice altering quo
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Regurgitating DAVID RICE to FREDRIC RICE 29 Aug 1998

Hello David...

>>SA> Note that David Rice originally wrote Dragonfest, which
>>SA> Fredric Rice appears to have altered to [D F], in breach
>>SA> of the rules.

DR> Er, correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the issue with
DR> Fundamentalists changing people's quotes was because when
DR> they did so, they completely changed what the other person
DR> had said. Changing "Dragonfest" into "[D F]" does not
DR> qualify.

I see no difference between changing fuck to f*ck and Dragonfest
to [D F]. Judith Bandsma must have thought there was substance
to it, as she had the presence of mind to immediately falsely
accuse me of doing it, and is still doing so. Demented harpy.

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