From: Steve Asher
To: Jitender
Date: Aug 30 1998 3:47:59 pm
Subject: Pagan and PISSED! :)
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Regurgitating Jitender to Steve Asher 29 Aug 1998

J> Bwahahahahahahahaha I am Murray, the all powerful demonic skull

"Murray, the all powerful demonic skull" appears to be a couple of
chops short of a picnic.

SA>Apologies for the HTML coding...but wanted this to hit the net quickly...

J> I don't recollect any browser or editor that comes without the Save
J> As option.

J> You could have used that you know.

If it is an issue for you, take it up with Herb Mitchell, who took it
from the 'net and posted it into the Fidonet NEW_AGE_ECHO, complete
with the apology for HTML coding above.

I merely copied it from NEW_AGE_ECHO to HOLYSMOKE using Timed, leaving
the HTML and the apology intact.

A bit too much for an "all powerful demonic skull" to sus out, I guess.

Cheers, Steve..

* Origin: Murray the "moving vacant" strikes again (3:800/432)
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