From: Steve Asher
To: All
Date: Aug 24 1998 12:33:29 pm
Subject: Pagan and PISSED! :)
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* Originally from Herb Mitchell (1:343/216) to All.
* Original dated: Wed Aug 19, 01:43

Apologies for the HTML coding...but wanted this to hit the net quickly...

Judging from the "so what's your problem" attitude I got when I called RHR
indicates to me that letters may speak more volumes than phone calls...but
'em also!


Date: 08/18/1998 07:52:35 Pacific Daylight Time<BR>
From: (Trooper Morlan)<BR>
>I think RJ Reynolds has gone too far.  <BR>
Sile Muirland<BR>
>Forwarded from a friend of mine....<BR>
>Everyone probably is familiar with the Pagan-American Princess Fit that<BR>
>Disney inspired in me with their Black Cauldron promotion.  Well, brace<BR>
>'s that time again.  Some of you at Bridges Across the<BR>
>Divide and PALs won't care about a Witch getting mad at R. J. Reynolds<BR>
>religious defamation.  If you do care, read on.<BR>
>There is an ad for Camel cigarettes in most Conde Nast magazines,<BR>
>Stone, Glamour, and Mirabella.  It is enough to make any young, female,<BR>
>Vodoun-practicing Witch furious:  three attractive young women are doing<BR>
>ritual with a poppet (aka "v**d** d*ll") in retaliation against one of<BR>
>their ex-boyfriends.  There is a pack of Camel cigarettes over Silver<BR>
>RavenWolf's "To Stir A Magick Cauldron," a real Wicca book.  Silver<BR>
>( did not authorize this usage of her<BR>
> It is EXTREMELY defamatory to our religion, suggests (no, flat-out<BR>
>PROCLAIMS) that we curse, and implies to young Pagans that smoking in<BR>
>ritual is a cool idea.  It shows us as stupid and petty.  I am forming
>Vodoun Witchcraft coven with other young people, ages ranging from<BR>
>and the black members pointed out that the African-Pagan community may<BR>
>want to be alerted, as there was a black woman in the group.  I AM<BR>
>There is much more information on these pages, including pictures,<BR>
>addresses, and product lists:<BR>
>RJ Reynold's consumer line is 1-800-334-8157.<BR>
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... Nuclear meltdow......ohhhh, donuts!

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