From: Scott Taylor
To: Karl Schneider
Date: Feb 13 1998 8:35:10 am
Subject: doubting gods
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-=> Quoting Karl Schneider to <=-

e > You can open up a TV set that says "Made in USA" on the back
e > and inside you'll find bits and pieces from Pakistan, Malaysia,
e > Mexico, Korea and so on.

KS> Years ago, I used to argue with a fundy friend who was a rabid
KS> 'buy American' type.  I could always shut him up asking 'where did
KS> the chromium on your Chevy's bumper come from?"

That reminds me of something Alexei Sayle said:

"A few years ago I fell for the 'Buy British' campaign, and felt
it was my patriotic duty to only buy British made stuff. Consequently
my house is full of substandard second rate shite...."

... Rod Speed - Pity it says nothing about taglines.

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