From: Scott Taylor
To: Jjhitt@Swbell.Net
Date: Jan 28 1998 3:14:42 am
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Burge to . Repeat, Burge to . What do you mean Re: DOUBTING GODS?

> JB> Wasn't that Lao Tse?

> CJ>  <Knit brow> I'm pretty sure it's not in _The Way_, and I
> CJ>  _think_ the man's name had Sun in it (but I could be wrong). . .

>For some reason, your post makes 'Sun Yat Sen' pop into my mind.

j > That would be the "Art of War" guy (China's answer to
j > Machiavelli).

Nope, Sun Yat Sen was the founder and leader of the Chinese Nationalist
Party (and prez of Nationalist China before Chiang Kai-shek). You're
thinking of Sun Tzu.

Sun Tzu is more of China's answer to Klauswitz than to Machiavelli,

j > I've never read 'Art' but somehow I doubt it has much to
j > say about butterflies.

It has a lot to say about a lot of things, but IIRC, not too much
about butterflies.


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