From: Rod Swift
To: Scott Taylor
Date: Nov 16 1997 12:14:28 pm
Subject: FAQ/Quote File/This week
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* On 04-11-97 at 20:27, SCOTT TAYLOR wrote to ROD SWIFT,
on the topic of "FAQ/Quote File/This week" in echo Holysmoke:

ST>  ST> Not only do you have very little grasp of the
ST>  ST> Theology of you own religion, you have no grasp
ST>  ST> of the Philosophy of it. The only grasp you
ST>  ST> seem to have is on your dick.

ST>  ST> I would suggest you stop posting in here until
ST>  ST> you at least have some clue as to what you are
ST>  ST> saying, but why bother, you assume that because
ST>  ST> you ARE a xian, you know more about you religion
ST>  ST> than any non-believer. You are an arrogant, ignorant
ST>  ST> little sprog stain that should have been washed
ST>  ST> from the sheets of life years ago.

ST> [fully requoted because I'm proud of my little tirade]

I am proud of it too.  Retained in this post! :)

ST>  RS> Both worthy of the Quote File, the FAQ, and This Week in
ST>  RS> Holysmoke!

ST> I'd take a bow, but Staal might be off his face again and
ST> mistake me for his "darling little Italian boy"....

Exactly.  Though you never know -- he didn't say anything about
which was the receptive partner in their relationship.  He may
take a bow for you!

Rod "...ho ho ho" Swift :)

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