From: Laurie Appleton
To: George Jiri Opletal
Date: Sep 28 1998 10:11:28 am
Subject: What if?
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Hi George,
(Re: yours of 19-Sep-1998, "What if?")

GO>    Could a scientific theory promising immortality,
GO> resurrection and supposed happiness under this scheme
GO> truely exist?

Since there already exists a host of hopeless and wild
"scientific" 'theories' that are put forward to the public
under the guise of science, then your proposition might well
be one of the more reasonable ones that has so far been

GO>     Oh yeah, I've been let loose in Holysmoke.

Welcome aboard. We need someone like yourself here with
some original thoughts and one who is not just a mindless
robot for the establisment position!


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