From: Laurie Appleton
To: Joe Martin
Date: Sep 18 1998 10:44:30 am
Subject: Evil God-haters.
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Hi Joe,
(Re: yours of 12-Sep-1998, "Evil God-haters!")

la> It was NOT the Jews who put Jesus to death,

JM>     Oh?  What religion were they then?  Hindu?  Buddhist?

Again it was NOT a religion that put Jesus to death
either. Pontius Pilate was convinced that the leaders of the
Jews were motivated by ENVY in seeking Pilate to have Jesus

Pilate carefully and expressly declared Jesus to be
completely innocent of any crime worthy of death and the
elders and leaders of the Jews who were present at the
trial, and sought to have him murdered, expressly declared
that "His blood be on us and our Children"!

In point of fact the actual crucifiction was performed by
Roman Soldiers, wasn't it?

la> So where do YOU stand in this matter?

JM>      I don't consider the fact of his death all that
JM> important compared to the message that he brought.

You appear to be a cruel and heartless creep then! So
what was this "message" that you claim that Jesus brought?
Was it something to do with people and apes being descended
from some common ancestor?

JM>      But that is another subject for discussion. We are
JM> still trying to get an answer to the question on whether or
JM> not Laurie Appleton considers the Jews "evil God-haters"...
JM> Well?

Only a brainless moron would blame all Jews at the time,
let alone all Jews since then, as being guilty of the
Crucifiction! On the other hand all jews and all other
people who believed, and still believe that Jesus was
rightly and justly done to death, are effectively just as
guilty morally as those who performed the deed!

la> Do you agree with those
la> who WERE directly responsible for His death or do you too regard
la> them as hideous monsters?

JM> You first, Dick!  Just remember... It was the Jews who
JM> killed him.

Nonsense. It was the Roman soldiers!


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