From: Laurie Appleton
To: Dave Hamilton
Date: Sep 16 1998 4:01:00 pm
Subject: Evil God-Haters.
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Hi Dave,
(Re: yours of 12-Sep-1998, "Evil God-haters!")

DH> About a message of Laurie Appleton to Joe Martin:

LA>    It was NOT the Jews who put Jesus to death, but rather
LA> some of the RULERS who orchestrated the outrage.

DH> Really. So when the crowd outside the courtroom had the
DH> chance to set Jesus free, why did the whole crowd call
DH> for his crucifixion?

It tells you! "But the chief priests and elders persuaded
the multitude that they should ask Barabbas, and destroy
Jesus". (Matt. 27:20) Is it possible that you regard that
"whole crowd" as being almost the whole of the population
of the whole country?

LA> The
LA> ordinary Jewish people had mostly received Him gladly

DH> The majority? Then where did Judaism come from?

Strange question. That is what the religion of the Jews
was called, "basing its authority on the writings of the Old
Testament and the teaching of the rabbis". (Macquarie

LA> and could NOT be blamed for what was done.

DH> Well, that's one thing you seem to have stumbled upon
DH> that is correct.

LA> It does follow,
LA> however that all people of what ever nation or race who
LA> CONCUR with what was done, do effectively become equally
LA> guilty, of course!

DH> That would be Christians, Laurie. Who else considers the
DH> crucifixion of a zealous pacifist to be of the slightest
DH> importance?

You seem to have lapsed into some sort of trance then?
Go away and take a few more pain killers and try that one
again. Anyone who believes that Jesus was legally and
justly put to death, because they believe that he had
committed crimes worthy of death, is necessarily
"concurring" with what was done and, as the elders and
leaders of the Jews said at the time, "His blood be on us
and our children"!

Certainly the Roman ruler in question, explicitly
declared Jesus to have done nothing worthy of death and
"washed his hands before them" and declared himself
innocent of the blood of this just man.

So what about you? Do you side with the Roman Pontius
Pilate, or do you take the side of those who effectively
forced Pilate to allow them to have Jesus put to death?


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