From: Laurie Appleton
To: Joe Martin
Date: Sep 5 1998 3:12:28 pm
Subject: Evil God-haters.
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Hi Joe,
(Re: yours of 29-Aug-1998, "Evil God-haters!")

JM> [28-Aug-98 09:09:04] [Laurie Appleton to Jan Deboer]
JM> [Subject: Blind Watchmaker.]

JD>> Why don't you go and feed the multitudes of the homeless from a
JD>> single order of fish and chips, or something equally useful.

la> The only one that I know about that could do that was crucified
la> by people who seemed to be your sort!! In other words the very
la> Person which the world needed most was murdered by the followers
la> of evil and God-haters!

JM>      So, now the Jews are evil God-haters.  Next you'll be
JM> advocating that the holocaust was a hoax an that Hitler
JM> really didn't have 6,000,000 jews killed.

Ah, so you are one of those who is always eagerly
searching for excuses to accuse others of racism eh? Isn't
that what you are doing? Funny isn't it, that it was
evolutionism that provided a form of "scientific"
justification for racism and that Hitler was a dedicated
evolutionist - and thus "one of your mob"!

la> It seems that such murderers and those who have continually
la> supported them and their actions, will have a lot to answer for
la> sooner or later.

JM> Hmmm.  God's chosen people are God-Haters and EVIL and
JM> Jesus killers!

That is ignorant and twisted bilge, since most of the
first Christians were Jews.


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