From: George Jiri Opletal
To: Richard Smith
Date: Oct 4 1998 10:41:00 am
Subject: What if?
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RS> };> George Jiri Opletal wrote in a message to Richard Smith <:(
 RS> gjo> Could a scientific theory promising immortality,
RS> gjo> resurrection and supposed happiness under this scheme
RS> gjo> truely exist?  Oh yeah, I've been let loose in
RS> gjo> Holysmoke.
RS> CJ> Oh yeah, you don't even have the screws tightened down
RS> CJ> in your brain to even tell us what the fuck "this
RS> CJ> scheme" is.  Some scientist you are.
RS> gjo> I do not have any obligation to do so Curtis.
RS> RS> Funny, that's what he always said in SKEPTIC when asked
RS> RS> for evidence of his claims . . .
RS> RS> He's a retard, Curtis.  Just watch the dance.
RS> gjo> Your obviously upset.
 RS> c/Your/You're
Thank you.

RS> You're obviously projecting.

RS> gjo> Amuses me a great deal how you always go about kissing
RS> gjo> ass.
 RS> c/Amuses/It amuses
A matter of taste.
 RS> Locked in your infantile fantasies for me sexually, you
RS> wish.

Your kissing ass, for the allies you'll need.

RS> Tell me, have you asked John yet why he's trying to get
RS> your
RS> new BBS shut down from Skeptic?

Probably because he doesn't like the echo?
 RS> Speaking of kissing ass: have you had him explain his
RS> statement regarding the moderator of this echo's making
RS> pornography available to children, or even having kiddie
RS> porn?

How about telling everybody about your massive comprehension problems in
interpreting peoples lines.  You did it with a user's post in Skeptics
and Angela, Rod Speed and myself hammered you. Now your doing it again.
The fact is that you initiated the entire fiasco by deliberately misintepreting
some very obvious lines from John Warner.
 RS> gjo> I merely posed a question to see what people know in
RS> gjo> regards to this topic (and as bait, which is fairly
RS> gjo> obvious)
RS> RS> He has no idea, does he?
RS> RS> Obviously not any sort of a Master Baiter.  <G>
 RS> <cue Beavis imitation>
 RS> gjo> ehehe..
 RS> Welcome back, Beavis.  I see you still have no thought in
RS> your head.
RS> Ennyn Opletal Aran Mundo
RS> pedo "fistfuck" a minno . . .
 RS> Richard Smith
 I just love the thought that you're an old man with kids and still so
immature to get a thrill from the above few lines.

- George Jiri Opletal
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