From: George Jiri Opletal
To: God Dan
Date: Sep 24 1998 7:05:00 pm
Subject: What if?
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GD> -> On 19 Sep 98  09:59:00, George Jiri Opletal got back to All
 GD> GJO> Could a scientific theory promising immortality, resurrection
GD> GJO> supposed happiness under this scheme truely exist?
 GD> Why do we need one?  Got any evidence of an afterlife?

Hardly an afterlife.  A universal emulation at the end of time.  That is
the only feasible method that I know of that has any possibility of fulfilling
the defining properties of an 'afterlife' ie..some connection between the
two lives such as memory.  There are other possibilities but the do not
constitute a resurrection (they fail to have any connection to the past
due primarily to the lack of a 'self').

GD> GJO> Oh yeah, I've been let loose in Holysmoke.
 GD> Check your meds and also check that you have been issued
GD> asbestoes
GD> underwear.

I appreciate your advice.
  GD> ... Hail to the Sun god! He is a fun god! Ra! Ra! Ra!
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