From: Relatif Tuinn
To: Fredric Rice
Date: Mar 16 1998 3:12:59 am
Subject: Star Goat! / Swaggart
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Fredric Rice discussing "Star Goat! / Swaggart" with me...

FR>> Ah!  A fellow Goatee!  When did you become Saved, brother?
rt>> I've always been saved, I just didn't know it brother. I wuz an chozen
rt>> wun.

FR> Glory be to Star Goat!  Pass the ketchup!

Oooh! My favvereit! Prheyz thee Star Goat!

rt>>> Praise the Lard!
FR>> And pass the collection plate!  Amen!
rt>> This is toooooo easy. Amen!
FR> "I became a priest and haven't worked a day since." -- Paraphrase.

"Who'd want a secular life?" -- Ignorant fundy

FR>> some other criminal or marginal activity.  And their sheep continue
FR>> pay them money regardless of what they do and how often they're caught.
rt>> Ah, but they have to forgive him. Its one of the conditions of entrance
rt>> to heaven.
FR> Yep, no matter what.

Sheep and shearers. There but for the grace of Goat go I.

rt>> It's easy to forgive people if you think you're gonna get a pot of
rt>> out it. This simplemindedness is driven by basic selfishness.
FR> Hell, half of the victims "forgive" their priesthood and the other half
FR> (non-believers) aren't even asked for forgiveness...  it's just
FR> assumed.

ASSumption is the whole of christianity.

FR>> Witness Jim Staal in this forum.  He continues to worship Jimmy
FR>> Swaggert.
rt>> I'm sure Mr. Swaggert would love him to come over (his butt cheeks).
FR> Jimmy Bakker was quite the ass man, yes.

Hey, but "we" forgive him....

Relatif Tuinn

... Again, you seem completely confused between knowledge, facts
and theories. Somewhere along the line you seem to have some
"beliefs" and you confuse that with knowledge, facts and
theories. - Laurie Appletoon 24/2/98
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